Show, Tell and Sell

Show, Tell and Sell :: Global Bag Project :: Kenyan BagsWe wheeled the display shelves to the ‘soko’ (market spot) to take part in the sales organized by AIU women’s fellowship. On the shelves were bags of all kinds made by global bag project ladies. We had two goals to accomplish today, to create awareness about our ministry to women and to sell bags.

At GBP Kenya, we believe that vulnerable women are resourceful and can learn and produce high quality products. So we no only use statistics and women stories but we also offer highly competitive quality products. We want the buyers to buy our products because of the quality workmanship and usefulness. Two things happen  when you buy a bag from us; you will be pleased to be part of a solution to poverty realities in our context  by providing income to women who make bags as well as walk away with a well-made-bag. Our visit to the ‘soko’ expose us to AIU community that is composed of young business studies students, seminary students, faculty and staff of the university as well as owners of small craft businesses.


Show, Tell and Sell :: Global Bag Project :: Kenyan BagsPart of our key targets therefore is to create awareness about community development as mission and women ministry. Being an alumni as well as part-time faculty member already opens for us a wide opportunity to get audience as I talk about Global Bag Project. It is exciting to answer questions about, why women? why bags? why social enterprise? So whether we sell all the products on this day or not, we will have told the story.

The story of God faithfulness and of this wide-open opportunity for work and ministry among vulnerable women. We did more of show and tell.  Maybe we will show and sell a little more on another day. For now, we do not loose hope!

Mary O.