Our voices

The voices of women who work hard (and smart) to sustain their families singlehandedly are rarely heard. In a world which upholds survival for the fittest, only the voices of the fittest are heard. This blinds many from the inspiring stories of hope from the downtrodden and the vulnerable. What many do not know is that the weak, downtrodden and the vulnerable too have dreams and plans. Although these dreams can be blurred by the current ‘not-so-perfect’ circumstances, through encouraging hands and hearts, these dreams can be known and inspiring stories written.

Our voices :: Global Bag Project :: Handmade Tote BagsJane Njambi, pictured above is a widowed mother of 4. She continues to horn her sewing skills while also working as a shopkeeper for Kijiji Curio shop. Jane’s sense of confidence is amazing as seen in her interactions with multi-racial and multi-ethnic groups of visitors who visit the curio shop. With her limited English proficiency and numeracy skills, she is able to communicate, sell and keep shop records. She has moved her sewing machine to the shop in order to sew while she sells. Read more about Jane’s background and dreams in the coming posts. Hear her voice! Our voices!

What a joy to see the unfolding of these stories! Mary O.