Taking Initiative

kiroundgA couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a woman named Kim Bowen. She asked me to ship some of the Global Bag Project medium size bags and bottle bags to her. I sent a few items to her . A few days later, she asked me to send her additional products. I inquired after what she wanted all of the products for, and she said she was going to present the Global Bag Project to her Kiwanis group again this year. Last year, at this time, Kim showed the Global Bag Project DVD to the Kiwanis group. She told them about her personal experience in helping these women have enough income to feed their families. Her Kiwanis group decided they would like to help. Last year, they purchased several of our custom made Global Bag Project shopping bags. This year, Kim intends to sell more products to her Kiwanis group and continues to spread the word about the Global Bag Project. We are very grateful for Kim’s initiative in seeking the help of her Kiwanis group.

By taking a chance, Kim decided to present to the Global Bag Project to her Kiwanis group. She did not know if it a cause they wanted to help or were able to support in any way. To her astonishment, the group decided to support our Kenyan sewers last year. She is expecting to sell more products this year as there have been changes in the group size.

Do you belong to a Kiwanis or Rotary Club in your area? Have you thought about presenting the Global Bag Project to your group? If you would like to present the Global Bag Project to your civic organization, please contact me at 630-293-4500 or e-mail heather1p17@yahoo.com.